caleb bissett

Where are you from? Union Grove, Wisconsin

Where did you go to school? Milwaukee School of Engineering (BS), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div)

What is your history in pastoral ministry? I was a pastoral intern for 2 years at Esperanza Del Rio Community Church in Del Rio, TX

What are your ministry responsibilities at SGC? Vital Life, Music Ministry, CG Oversight, Deacon Development

Introduce your family  Amazing wife: Lydia; Children: Mikayla, Ezra, Evangeline
What’s your favorite sports team? Green Bay Packers

What are your favorite books (or genre)? The Great Divorce (CS Lewis), The Silmarillion (JRR Tolkien), Shepherds After My Own Heart (Tim Laniak)

What hobbies do you have? Running, Playing the Guitar, Reading, Gardening

How do you like to relax? Drinking coffee, going to museums, eating good food, and traveling with Lydia