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Kids quest children's ministry

Our Sunday morning children's ministry program aims to instruct children so that they grow in their understanding of the Gospel and in their love for our Savior. We want children to know that God is great and holy, and that His mercy and love have been extended to them through faith in Christ. We also want to serve parents by providing age-appropriate care and instruction to their children on Sunday mornings.

We provide classes and care for infants able to sit and crawl through 5th grade. Classes take place during the message on Sunday mornings, and children are released (with their parents) during a short break between announcements and the message. There is a Kids' Quest Check-in Station in the lobby for parents to register their child(ren) and to answer any questions they may have.
Important updates

Please use the kiosks to check in and get stickers for children before the service begins.
All children will remain in the service for worship and will be released to their classes at the break after announcements.

SGC Kids Quest Covid Health Protocols

SGC is taking the following steps to mitigate health risks in Kids Quest:
1. Masks are optional for all children, adults and youth helpers participating in Kids Quest.
2. Adults  and youth helpers may choose to wear masks at any time in Kids Quest, and children may also wear masks at the discretion of their parents/guardians.
3. Each classroom in Kids Quest should run its air purifier during class.

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