Sovereign Grace Church

Vital life fall 2021

Course Title: Being on the Right Side of History

Course Description:  When our culture talks about “being on the right side of history,” it assumes that history is moving towards an end – a goal. The Bible fully agrees that history is moving towards a goal, but our culture would be surprised to hear that history isn’t going where people generally think it is. And although there have been debates among Christians over some details of the “end times,” Christians have much more in common than in disagreement, and the Bible is clear on where history is going and why it should matter to our lives. Join us in this 6-week study as we will discuss what we are to expect in the “end times,” what Christians have disagreed on about this subject, and what is the importance of knowing what the Bible says is our only true hope in this world.

Course Instructor:  Caleb Bisset
Course Title: Biblical Communication

Course Description:  Do you struggle to answer your wife when she asks, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Do you wonder why your articulate and winsome social media posts haven't yet fixed the internet? Does communicating the love of Jesus to your aunt, whose political leanings differ from yours, seem beyond your abilities? God cares a lot about what we say and write. He created the world with words and is fond enough of words to call his Son "the Word," and yet he calls the tongue "a world of evil among the parts of the body" (James 3:6). Join us on this six-week journey into effective communication, informed by God's Word, led by someone with vast experience in failing to communicate effectively.

Course Instructor:  Dan Mazzucco
Course Title: Running the Race

Course Description:   The Bible speaks of the Christian life as a race, and like a race, it’s important to both run well and to finish well. We all struggle to run the race well at times, and some of us run the race well, but then struggle to finish well. The Scriptures have much to say to encourage us when we struggle, comfort us when we fail, and stir us on when we need motivation. Both the OT and the NT give us some critically important examples and principles of how to run the race that is our Christian journey, and in this 6-week class on Sunday mornings, we are going to closely examine many of these Scriptures, and consider together how we can better live well, continue well, and finish well.

Course Instructor:  Charles Sherer